KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraineian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says the Russian blockade of Ukrainian sea ports prevents Kyiv from exporting 22 million tons of grain.

In his nightly address Monday, Zelenskyy said the result is the threat of famine in countries dependent on the grain and could create a new migration crisis. He charges that “this is something the Russian leadership clearly seeks.”

Zelenskyy accuses Moscow of “deliberately creating this problem so that the whole of Europe struggles and so that Ukraine doesn’t earn billions of dollars from its exports.”

He calls Russia’s claims that sanctions don’t allow it to export more of its food “cynical” and a lie.


— Russian, Ukrainian troops fight block by block in key city

— EU leaders agree to partial embargo on Russian oil

— War in Ukraine adds to food price hikes, hunger in Africa

— Russia offers foreign debt payment system similar to gas one

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BRUSSELS — European Union leaders reached a compromise Monday to impose a partial oil embargo on Russia at a summit focused on helping Ukraine with a long-delayed package of sanctions that was blocked by Hungary.

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